Friday, March 31, 2017

My Visit to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is so beautiful, I wanted to move over there after this visit!
The paradox of ancient culture and the modern city is really interesting
I noticed a large expat community and the city caters to its foreign workers with many restaurants, nightclubs, and community centers they can enjoy
Hong Kong has a lot of hills and I did a lot of walking, so be sure to take comfortable shoes if you visit, otherwise your feet are not going to be very happy
The metro system is probably the best I have used in the world.It is very efficient and easy to navigate.You will find shops at all the metro stops and there are tourist friendly boards up which direct you to the attractions closest to that stop(tip -get an Octopus Card, you can use it for public transport and so much more)
You must have a foot massage -it's dirt cheap at 25 HK dollars for an hour long massage -I fell asleep during mine
Highlights of my trip were:
  • Visiting the Victoria Peak, where I took a charming tram to the top
  • Ngong Ping -taking the cable car was an unbelievable experience as you travel 5,7km over the ocean and mountains to the Ngong Ping Village and eventually the spectacular Big Buddha.I marveled over how it must have been built as it is lodged high in the mountains and is massive
  • Having a traditional Chinese meal in  tiny restaurant in Kowloon
  • Hong Kong Disneyland -it's small but still a wonderful experience
  • Visiting the coastal town of Stanley where I went shopping for souvenirs at the flea market
  • The Ladies Night Market -you can get lots of bargains here but be careful, its very busy so you have to watch your bag and also I got told off by one of the vendors who got quite aggressive because I didn't want to buy her merchandise
Besides this, there are many temples and iconic sites to see,Hong Kong is an amazing city which is well worth a visit!

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